Refinance your mortgage and save!

Thinking of refinancing your mortgage? Refinancing can be a great way to increase your monthly cash flow by resetting your mortgage terms with a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment. When you refinance, you can also eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI), or consolidate your first and second mortgage into one.

Why refinance your home loan?

Refinancing may help you to pay off your mortgage sooner, reduce or eliminate credit card debt, save for retirement, put your kids through college, or buy that second home or investment home you’ve been dreaming about.

Whatever your goals, count on the Loan Advisors at Guarantee Mortgage to create a refinance package that makes financial sense for you, and to walk with you through the process from start to finish. Tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll give you the information and guidance you need.

I’d like to lower my mortgage payment
I want to keep my payments from rising
I want to consolidate debt
I want to learn about no-closing-cost refinancing
I’d like to get cash from my home

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