Before You Begin

Filling out the online application consists of six easy steps, but you will want to gather a few things before you begin.

What you will need

You will be asked to provide the following information for all borrowers, including:

  • Social Security Number
  • Contact and employment information
  • Estimates of income, assets, and liabilities – don’t worry about documentation just yet

Select a Loan Advisor

If you are already working with a Guarantee Mortgage Loan Advisor, please be sure to select them from the pull down menu on the Start Page. Or, if you prefer, we can choose one for you.

Fill out the information on the 6 tabs, and click Submit

Once you click Submit on the final page of the loan application, we will contact you to:

  • Guide you through the loan process
  • Complete your loan application package
  • Help you select an appropriate program and interest rate
* For more information please visit our Disclosures page: