Inventory is up across the San Francisco metro area

by | Dec 3, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Buying a home in the Bay Area may be getting slightly easier.

The frantic pace of Bay Area home sales have slowed a bit and may mean potential buyers see more homes for sale and potentially enjoy lower prices.

That’s the latest word out of desirable areas, including San Jose, where home availability has increased by 43 percent. Elsewhere in the greater San Francisco metro area, inventory is up by 25 percent this year, according to a study by Zillow.

It wasn’t too long ago that inventory tightened, and competition soared, leaving would-be buyers in real estate limbo. That’s no longer the case. The sudden shift toward a more buyer-friendly market provides a greater window of opportunity. And while buying a home in the Bay Area is still competitive, it may be more attainable than in recent years with good preparation and a strong mortgage partner.

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These favorable conditions help buyers, especially with the backing of Guarantee Mortgage’s knowledge of the area and unique financing programs.

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