Buying a house: Considerations, home mortgages, home-buying advice.

From dreams to keys, we are here to help you through the home-buying process. We’ll be with you for as much of the process as you need—from the initial “what’s possible” discussions to the mortgage prequalification to the lender’s approval to funding your loan—to the day when the keys pass to you.

Whether you’re seeking your first home, a loan for a vacation home or rental property, or a mortgage for real estate investment, you likely have questions. Tell us your goal, and we’ll give you the answers, guidance, and insight you need.

Get answers to your questions about buying and financing a home.

New to buying a home and getting a mortgage? The process may seem overwhelming: Confusing jargon; strangers peering into and judging your credit score and financial situation; deciding between mortgage banks and mortgage brokers…. The list goes on. Gain clarity and confidence by empowering yourself with knowledge:

How to finance your new home: Popular mortgage options

We know: Getting a mortgage can feel painful. Tighter regulatory laws and a heightened sense of lending caution mean your finances and credit history are subject to more scrutiny. You must supply even more documentation. And if you’re buying in California, Guarantee Mortgage’s home state, you’re buying in a heavily competitive real estate market.

Whether you’re buying in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Wine Country, or elsewhere, our goals are the same:

  • To arm you with all the information you need to make mortgage decisions
  • To handle as much of the process for you as possible
  • To ensure your mortgage gets funded
  • To make sure your experience is a positive one

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