About Tim Higbee

Forty years of customer focus underlies Tim Higbee’s work experiences in business ownership, client management, and strategic planning. Now he finds himself at the perfect intersection of his passions, having spent the past 20 years working directly with clients in real estate finance. Tim’s undergraduate degrees in Communications, Economics and Psychology prepared him for this dream job, teaching him to effectively discuss customer needs, craft realistic financial plans, and be aware of the formidable life changes that often accompany real estate planning.

As a California native – Tim was raised in the Bay Area, educated in San Diego, spent decades in San Francisco and many years in the California Central Coast. An avid traveler and adventurer – Tim now splits his residency between his homes in Hawaii and California. Experienced in the culture and markets of both states – Tim carefully guides first-time buyers, 2nd-home owners and experienced investors with equal expertise and knowledge.

Finding a path to each customer’s goal is Tim’s pride and firm priority.

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