About Mary Fung

I have a background in finance and accounting. Prior to finishing my degree in business accounting, I worked for Deloitte & Touche preparing financial statements for audits, corporate and individual tax returns. I also worked for multiple private companies handling various levels financial responsibilities. In 2000, I decided to dedicate the next stage of my life to raising my children. After 15 years, I returned my attention to pursuing my professional dreams. I am excited and proud to say both of my children are close to finishing college. My dreams have led me to explore opportunities in real estate and mortgage finance, leading to professional licensing both the DRE, and NMLS.

My intricate understanding and knowledge base of corporate and individual accounting sets me apart in the finance field due to the complementary skill-sets of operational accounting and personal finance. My background as a financial accountant allows me the opportunity to add unique insights to my clients in their financial decisions. My clients can expect the same determination I used in raising my children, coupled with my experience in complementary industries to best meet their needs. At the end of the day, my interests are in steering sound financial decisions because I genuinely care for my client’s financial freedom and successes; a strong financial base promotes success in other areas of their lives

In my spare time, I enjoy a night of board games and reading with my family, and trips to parks and reservoirs.


CA-DRE #2000531
Equal Housing Opportunity

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