About Joel Marks

Joel, a Bay Area native, has had an extensive career both inside and outside the mortgage world.

After graduating with a double major from UC Berkeley, Joel moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked on a variety of Congressional, Senate and Presidential campaigns before founding a national small business advocacy organization.  In this role, he mobilized business owners from around the country, helped enact legislation at the state and federal level and was a recognized leader on business issues.  He has been interviewed by dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Business Week and was profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Following his 15-year career in politics, Joel was recruited into the mortgage industry at Washington Mutual.  While there, Joel was well-known for his innovative marketing campaigns that led to hundreds of millions of dollars of broker loan originations and earned him a spot in WaMu’s distinguished President’s Club.

Joel switched to the consumer side of the business upon receiving his state license in 2008 and has been a top performer ever since.

Joel is married to a childhood friend, Jennifer, who is a local Realtor in Marin.  Jennifer and Joel have three children and are very active in their community, volunteering at the schools, cooking and delivering meals to neighbors with newborns or sick family members and supporting their kids’ various sports teams.


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