About Audrey Boissonou

NMLS #254351 | CAL-DRE #01268758
Loan Officer
Licensed in California

Audrey is a native of Walnut Creek, CA and thought she was headed for a career in law. What was meant to be a brief stop to work in the family business ended up being a life changing opportunity where she learned about Real Estate, Property Management and Mortgage.

It was baptism by fire, doing everything from collecting rents to processing loans and was the perfect education to learn the Mortgage Industry from the ground up, gain priceless experience, taking the knowledge learned to help borrowers. She speaks with reminiscent appreciation of learning how important it is to be caring and flexible whether it’s the excitement of guiding someone through the process to buy a new home or supporting people through housing challenges.

It soon became clear that helping people with their mortgage needs would be her passion and career.

As a Sales Leader with Guarantee Mortgage/American Pacific Mortgage, she’s build her business working with borrowers to figure out the best strategies for their individual financial and life situations. Understanding that loans are not “one size fits all,” she takes the time with each borrower to know them personally so their needs are considered before solutions are presented to help them decide the best way forward.

Believing that everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home, it is often the creative, thoughtful, out of the box thinking that helps clients move forward when they think they don’t stand a chance. The happiest moments for Audrey is when she’s helped someone who never thought they could own their home, purchase for the first time.

After the Meltdown, realizing we can easily be Regulated and Legislated out of business and that decisions are often made by folks who have no understanding of how the borrower is impacted by those decisions, Audrey got involved in Advocacy for the Mortgage Industry. After serving as President at both the local and State Level, she is now a Director on the Board of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB). Audrey also teaches continuing education to Loan Originators.

During COVID, while State President for CAMP, the mortgage world changed dramatically, affecting housing laws in ways never-before seen. Audrey kept thousands of industry colleagues up-to-date with the onslaught of constant changes through a podcast she began with her Co-Host (then President Elect), Kevin Casey.
Today it’s called Mortgage Pros 411, and the response to the weekly interviews and market update content continues to grow.

Audrey’s philosophy is simple; serve others first, lead with your heart, offer outstanding service, help clients improve their lives, speak the truth, and advocate for consumers at both the State and National level.


APM CA-DRE #01215943
Equal Housing Opportunity

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