5 of the most family friendly, unique parks in San Francisco

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5 of the most family friendly, unique parks in San Francisco

The sights and sounds, the history and the things to do. There are so many reasons why raising a family in San Francisco is special.

There will be big days, like the first day of school and prom, but there will also be the quieter moments, like a picnic at the park.

San Francisco is home to an array of unique and fun green, open spaces. Here’s a list of five family friendly gems.

Mountain Lake Park

Perfect for the toddler, the recently renovated Mountain Lake Park features a self-contained area for the smallest of children. Sitting just south of the Presidio, it’s perfect for big kids, too. They can climb stairs, walls and make their way down a slide and repeat the process.

The most exciting element may be the great rope climbing area, which rewards its high-climbers with sweeping views of Mountain Lake.

Hilltop Park

Children who like to move on wheels will love Hilltop Park, which is known for its impressive 70-foot sundial and skatepark. In addition to the area to roam by skateboard, Hilltop Park’s recent renovations transformed the park’s base with a merry-go-around, rubberized flooring and adventurous playground. Of course, there’s plenty of benches for parents who may need an occasional breather.

The park still features its large cement slide, too.

Mission Playground and Pool

In the heart of the Mission area, this park has two primary play areas with water and climbing features. It’s the perfect place to cool off (it’s the only outdoor public pool in San Francisco), but there’s more than just splash and climb.

Tennis courts, a basketball court and a black-top soccer pitch are also available if children want to partake in team activities and competition.

Helen Diller Civic Center Playgrounds

Experience one of the newest and most accessible playground combos at Helen Diller Civic Center Playgrounds.

Opened in 2018, the park features large climbing structures with intricate designs and soft artificial turf for easy landings. Dubbed the “space ship” by regulars, the spiraling play area is lined with a net so children can explore every inch of the colorful structure and catwalk.

The swings aren’t ordinary by any stretch. They are versatile, allowing children to move in different directions, and are also equipped for children who are assisted by wheelchair.

There’s even a coffee shop in the plaza for that extra energy boost for parents.

In Chan Kaajal Park

“My Little Town” celebrates Mayan American communities of the Mission. Children can unleash their creativity at the outdoor performance area. After act one, they can splash around on the lawn area, which is equipped with a water attraction that pays homage to Mission Creek.

Climbing and swinging structures are also available. It’s the newest park to be built by the city’s recreation department in 10 years.

San Francisco is a wonderful place to live and work, as anyone with our Guarantee Mortgage team can attest to.